Healthy Eating – Conclusion

May 24 saw the conclusion of the project “Healthy Eating – Interventions to strengthen the control system of food of animal origin”, carried out in the Saharawi refugee camps in Algeria.

After two years of work and more than a few difficulties due to starting the project in the midst of the pandemic, we are satisfied with the results achieved thanks to the collaboration with our Saharawi veterinary colleagues and the excellent work carried out by our experts, Dr. Alba Giorgio and Dr. Ilda Idrizi, coordinated by Dr. Sara Di Lello, whose experience working in the Sahrawi tent cities is a guarantee for us.

The main results achieved are:

We thank the Ministry of Public Health of SADR, AUSL Toscana Centro that “lent” us our colleague Alba Giorgio, and SIDILV, which donated funds for the purchase of the laboratory autoclave and other materials.

A chapter is coming to an end, but we will keep supporting our Saharawi colleagues in guaranteeing healthy, quality food for the refugees in Algerian tent cities.

We leave you with some pictures showing part of the work that has been done.