Project "Dairy in Senegal"

Milk has been identified as a development engine for this rural area of Senegal by COMI – Cooperazione per il Mondo in Via di Sviluppo (Cooperation for the Developing World), our NGO partner currently active in the region. Here, as it already happened in many other African countries, local production of cow, sheep and goat milk has been replaced by the consumption of powdered milk.

The introduction of a milk collection and processing center in one of the main breeding and transhumance centers of these areas will allow us to improve and promote local dairy production. This will allow us to provide the inhabitants of the village of Ndiao Bambaly and the neighboring villages with a healthy and ready-to-use product, while also supporting the socio-economic development of the beneficiaries involved in the business and their families.

Sub-Saharan Africa, Senegal, Kaffrine Region, village of Ndiao Bambaly


Ministère de l ‘Elevage et du Développement durable (Ministry for livestock and sustainable development)

SIVtro – VSF Italia

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