Pilot project on satellite follow-up of small ruminants in Senegal



VSF Italia

Own funds International Committee of the Red Cross Dakar regional headquarter (CIRC) – VSF Italy headquarter of Kaffrine

Astrocast, Ministry of Livestock and Animal Production of Senegal

10.000,00 €


  • The local veterinary services of the Birkelane department, Kaffrine region
  • 6 farmers from the Kaffrine region


The project was born from the experience of CIRC and VSF Italia in the field of livestock breeding, in particular from the experience linked to the support of various local veterinary services in the conduct of annual livestock vaccination campaigns in Africa as in other countries on the African continent. Often the most important problem for the smooth running of the livestock vaccination campaign in West Africa, where the pilot project took shape, is linked to the extension of the intervention territory, sometimes so vast, which prevents good vaccination coverage given the impossibility of locating or reaching some herds in territories as vast as those of Mauritania, Mali or Niger.

Identifying and then following herds across such large territories is therefore a priority for both state veterinary services and the partner teams that help state services carry out their activities in the field. 6 GPS collars were placed on 6 animals, goats, and sheep, for a total of 6 farmers and their herds involved. Raising awareness among farmers on this issue was carried out in the field with the accompaniment of the competent authorities linked to the Ministry of Livestock and Animal Production of Senegal.

The positioning of collars equipped with glocalization systems on small ruminants facilitates the localization of the animals and therefore can lead over time to good vaccination coverage of the herds in the face, for example, of an easily eradicable disease such as PPR. The positioning of GPS collars also presents other advantages for the safety and economy of populations, such as the reduction of thefts and losses of livestock.

In this regard, the CIRC veterinary team identified and imagined this project idea which was finally presented to Asrocast and implemented in collaboration with VSF Italia in Senegal with actions related to the health and well-being of livestock, in particular in the Kaffrine region, well-known transhumance area of the country. The pilot action took place in Senegal where security conditions are more permissive, and the project teams can move more easily in the field to carry out and constantly monitor the activities.

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