VSF and Brooke – together in Senegal

The “goats and donkeys” project, financed by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano – Italy, meets the wonderful work of BROOKE WEST AFRICA in Senegal

At the end of December 2021, the pilot project “Goats and donkeys in the Kaffrine Region (Senegal): animal species to be valued for a sustainable development” began in the Kaffrine region, involving national organizations, local private and public veterinary services and the USSEIN – The  Sine Saloum University, in partnership with two Italian international organizations, Veterinarians Without Borders Italy (lead partner) and the NGO COMI Cooperation for the Developing World, to support the goat milk supply chain and to raise awareness about the donkey species in Senegal.

This animal, in fact, represents in these territories the engine for the realization of various economic activities to support the population (transport of water to and from the villages from the main wells, transport of people and materials) but is often neglected.

The donkey at these latitudes is used as a towed animal and is very widespread, although less appreciated, for its low purchase and maintenance cost than the horse, a species more considered but less frugal and more sensitive to scarcity of concentrated food and dry fiber typical of this Sahelo-Saharan region.

In support of this species, in July 2022, the collaboration with a leading partner in the protection of equines in Senegal as in the whole world, comes into play in July 2022: Brooke International. Brooke (https://www.thebrooke.org/) will accompany the project activities in the context of respect for the donkey supply chain, providing materials and knowledge useful for the management and health of working equids, donkeys in particular, in the Kaffrine Region. Brooke’s contribution will also be so important in raising awareness on the donkey species that will be done by radio throughout the second semester, with the full collaboration of 6 USSEIN students, who have recently begun to collaborate on the different and very interesting, and very useful, project activities.

We will see some good ones, continue to follow us, we hope that from this collaboration, on this new pilot project unique of its kind, new initiatives could born in respect of the donkey, a neglected and careless species in West Africa as in other contexts developing countries, but of inestimable value.

Thank you to all of you who support us, your help has an invaluable impact in the Kaffrine Region and “Djerejef! (thank you in the local Wolof language) to Brooke for the support in this great adventure.